Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jakun Putrajaya Tourist ☆~

Lol I so had to blog this XD

Today I went to Cyberjaya for an interview with Rhythm & Hues, my friend Jared drove me there.. (thanks a lot m(_ _)m !! ) and so after my interview, we went to Putrajaya for a sight-seeing..

So both Cyberjaya and Putrajaya are like very very huge places, with lots of greeneries, long roads, nice architecture designs(some.. ), and long roads between one destination and another~ I was like a jakun tourist for a day, awing at all the things I see along and on the road XD. It has been quite some time since I took out my handy w800i and start snapping aimlessly.. lol. Below are some random photos i took while cruising in Putrajaya.

Sorry was lazy to rotate and resize the pics and all.. lol~ Felt really good but tired after the trip. It's kinda good if we are able to escape from our daily rushing lives for a bit, forget about them, and go sight-seeing to places we never been before.. I'm still looking forward to a time when I can really bring my SLR with me and go for a real photo-shooting at some really nice places.. =D

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