Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carina ☆~

Today I picked up a kitty.. her name is Carina. At first she looked just like the other cats.. but when I took a closer look, she's quite a cute and unique one~ She has a white round body, with colourful thorns growing from it~ 4 short legs with one paw coloured pink~ and has a fish-like ribbon above her face~ 2 huge round eyes, small nose and mouth and blush on her cheeks~

Her packaging from top 3/4 ~

Packaging Illustration~

... and tada~ She's out of her box~ =3

That's all for my introduction to my new family member =DDD

and.. thanks a lot for the present..



  1. Lol , when ur page was loading and the pics weren't out yet i thought it was a real kitten until till when i read bout its thorns and blushes on its face and i went "huh?" then the picture reveals the TOY XD
    anyway nice toy ~~

  2. haha~ cool huh~ if a real neko has thorns and blushes~ XDDDDD;;