Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Workplace ☆~

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So yea, I've just started working few days ago on Monday, and I've got a big table and tablet!!~ =3 look i've also brought my pirated Hatsune Miku to work XD I've just bought 4 more cheap pirated
figurines (orz.. sorry.. no money for ori yet.. the price was tempting too.. quality was ok-ok.. ) to bring to my table tomorow!~ 8D

Went to "Mill Wheel" last Sunday to try out~ They basically serve ice (something like ice kacang la.. ) ~ There were quite a number of different variety of er... items, and flavour to choose from. It was my 1st time there so I ordered this "Strawberry Snow Cheese" thingy. Its basically strawberry on top, ice, and nice cheese at the bottom XD

The prices there IMO is quite resonable la~ Suitable place to bring ur girlfriends and boyfriends here for a date XDDDD then share one big "Tank" (its another item in the menu.. lol )


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