Monday, April 6, 2009

FMA, Shangri-La ☆~

Just finished watching another 2 new anime episodes~ Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood, and Shangri-La ~ ... aaaand BOTH OF THEM ARE REALLY GOOD! cant' wait for next week =D !!

and and and what's more!!!... YUI sang the OP for FMA, and MAY'N sang the OP for Shangri-La !!!~ how cool is that?? =D

here's the FMA OP~

as for Shangri-La, it's an anime by Gonzo, and character designs by non other than Range Murata !!~~ 1st impression bout this new anime.. something to do with the environment in the future, where there are taxes for countries that involve in industrialization and produce carbon dioxide.. how scary is it when our fate lies in hands of lolis? .. i mean.. there are now 3 lolis that plays a big role in which ever places they are.. be it a princess(maybe?), a future clan leader, and some international trading ministry or some sort.. lol anyways, here's the OP

aaa havent got my hands on Hayate, Basquach, and Saki !! D: ..


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