Saturday, April 4, 2009

K-On! ☆~

Finally, " K-On! " is aired !!~ XDDD.. First look at this new anime: as expected from Kyoto Animation, the animations are GREAT! and the styles looked a lil like Lucky Star, lol~ Love the OP and ED designs, and most importantly.. it makes me wanna start a band tooooo T___T..

I'm gonna post some snapshots from Ep.1, so here goes!!~

ED snapshot of characters~

Snapshots within the episodes~ Yui reminds me of Tsukasa, Ritsu reminds me of Haruhi, Mio reminds me of Kagami, while Tsugumi reminds me of Miyuki.. lol~

and LoL .. parody of DMC.. XD ~

here are the videos of OP and ED ~


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