Friday, June 19, 2009

Gatekeeper ☆~

Please click to have a larger view~ =)

tarted 'really' learning zbrush last few days.. lol

this is my 1st ever 3d sculpture.. orz ^^;

my juniors asked me to join their sculpting thingy but i didnt really know how to use zbrush lol.. so i did a lil read up and watched a few videos.. =D

still not really familiar with it though.. haha ;p anyways, the title was Gatekeeper, but I tried to avoid doing something humanoid.. cos the 1st thing that came into my mine was a human character.. guarding a door.. orz :XD: so i tried to do something on fours.. and so i thought of a dog lol.. started modeling using zSpheres~

uh.. too focused on how to sculpt rather than making the design looks nice.. D: so it looks kinda simple U_U XD;;;

so yea.. u_u



  1. oww~very good and cute
    when ya going to sculpt a neko?neh? :3

  2. D: !! .. tak tau.. hahaha