Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parkour Animation pt. 1 ☆~

Thought of sharing some stuffs i've learned these few months..

I've learned that planning is really really vital in doing a shot.. even if its a very short one. Having all your ideas drawn or written down on a piece of paper is good, because you could easily change your drawings, your plans just by using an eraser~ You could also easily explore different ideas.

After having all your key drawings planned, you could easily transfer them into 3D by just copying!~

Here's my planning for a short animation..

and here's my blocking animation in Maya~

and of course.. references are always important when planning your shot.. either you shoot yourself as your own reference, or you could get them from youtube, or which ever site you think you can find them =D

I blocked my animation in stepped-keys (not smoothed, as you can see in the vid) because all the keyposes are clear, and its easier to adjust my timing if i want to.. and then I have to check the animation principles if they're applied here.. especially ARCS ~

mm.. i think that's all for pt.1 on planning and blocking my animation.. of course it's not really good.. will continue to refine my shot and post pt.2 here =)

Happy animating~


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