Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spline Time ☆~

Dono what to update.. lol..

ya.. i've now reached my polishing stage in the parkour animation.. so now working on the graph editor / splines.. lol~ i took a snapshot of my GE and the image above is how it looks like xDDDD;; need to clean up lol D :

things have been going quite ok lately.. = ) i guess~ the bad feeling is still lurking around from time to time.. lol but i guess the situation is a lil better than before now.. xD;;

TOA's planning to have a TOA Night / prom night (i think wouldnt be a prom la.. ) in a few months time = ) i was somehow dragged into the committee lol ^^;;;

Tangi-nyan had a bath, so now its pretty clean now~~ /hug /hug /hug xD;

Take care, nyan =3


1 comment:

  1. huh???toa night finally comes back?!hohoho hahaha,cool~