Thursday, August 13, 2009

i haz Dragon Egg ! ☆~

Yes, i haz Dragon Egg !!~ lol..

Went to shop for shingshing and munmun's presents earlier, then went and get a new mouse too.. since the old AVF one spoiled : ( .. i'm sorry it gives so much trouble for u nyan.. slowing down ur working speed U_U *hugs*

So ya, saw this interesting mouse.. they called it "Dragon Egg" lol. I like the packaging, and the design~ looks like a haro XDDDD ~ and so i bought the green one 8D awesomz~

Dragon egg packaging ~

Another view of teh Dragon Egg D8

See the 'Dragon' logo? XD

My old cacat AVF mouse (BEFORE)

Jyaaaaan ~ New Dragon egg mouse ~ (AFTER)


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