Sunday, September 27, 2009

Makan makan ~ ☆~

My relative came to find me for lunch.. and he took me here, some vegetarian Nyonya restaurant at Old Klang Road, somewhere near OUG ~ =DDDD forgot the name though.. i think its something like Mama Hao in chinese, but dont know the english XDDDD

anyways, the prices here are ok-ok, and lol, u can apply for membership here XD got 10% off meals, and up to 20% off for some food products there~

I like the atmosphere the most~ feels very classic and traditional.. cos of the decorations, the wooden chairs and tables, the windows, curtains.. everything~ Yea, i ordered that pink pink rice thingy - it's called dragonfruit fried rice!~ not bad~ quite unique ;D

we ordered a plate of rojak too, and then a pot of tea~

they use organic vegetables here, and the fried rice is not oily at all~ healthy i'd say~ =D

anybody wanna go along next time? ;D fetch me and i'll show u the way lololol



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