Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 November 2009 ☆~

Just came home from a trip down to Times Square.. a lil tired and still sick now.. but somehow i still wanted to type this.


Good news. My group's final project animation got the finalist for the Panorama competition thingy.. so 3 of us are entitled to fly to Hong Kong next month to participate in the boot camp and final competition. There will be mentors guiding us on how to enhance our short more, and then resubmit it for judging. It'll be a 5-day trip to HK Cyberport, from 11 - 15 Dec. All sponsored by Autodesk. Hopefully i could get my passport done within this coming week..

Wanted to have a ParrotLion gathering today at Times Square, but the other 3 members werent available.. so only Mark and Beng were there. Went to see the Anime Hanabi Festival thingy, but to me it's nothing much ^^;; met ngaicharm on the way home o_o;


Watched 2012 the movie in the afternoon. I don't really know about the others, but to me, it's kinda boring.. it was a typical disaster movie to me.. Someone discovers something, some other people don't believe him, some tries to keep a secret; then showing lives of different individuals from different places, in the end they meet each other; effects, effects, and more effects; people die, sacrifice themselves; and the list goes on.... To me, it's just a 'visual effects' movie.

But, having that aside, it makes me think. We humans busy living our own lives, everyday, selfishly. We hardly think of the world, the things that's happening around us, the people around us, and who care for us, the things we do.. (I don't mean everyone is like this though) .. then until one day, something really bad happens to us, we only thought of repenting, regretting, apologising over the things that we do.. Just like in the movie. The end of the world was coming, and people all over the world started to pray so hardly, lifting signboards asking others to repent cos the end is near, started to tell each other how much they love, or apologising because of the past, blahblahblah... Nevertheless, we are still human.. we make mistakes.. therefore we should do our best to live our lives more meaningfully.. and rationally. Think twice before u do an action, before u say a word.


Along my way home, I got a sms from Seamus.. saying that our beloved Dean of Studies, Ms. Veronica Ho had just passed away.. u_u I was shocked and stood still for a moment when i started reading the first few words.. "I regret to inform that our Dean of Studies..." *stood still* ..... and then I braced myself to read on... I was told that she was ill last week, and we were to sign a 'get well soon' card to pass to her.. but i didn't know it was this serious.. u_u .. She was a really nice person.. although I don't really know her that well. I had a chance to talk to her in her office once during my 1st year, despite her busy schedule. I felt really honoured.


Have been really busy with everything these few months.. classes, assignments, projects, tasks etc.. But I'm sure I'm much happier than before.


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