Sunday, January 31, 2010

January update! ☆~

Haro ppl! ~

It's been almost a month since I last updated.. so ya, was kinda a happening month I'd say~ D :

1st of all, I attended the recent launch party of Your Grandfather's Road. What is Your Grandfather's Road? CLICK HERE to check it out~ xD .. It's actually a local movie project, that allows us to make a contribution to it. Currently, we can contribute ideas and stories, so we are able to voice out certain stuffs that are unheard of, and put it on a big screen !!~ I think this is a great project, since I saw their other works like the 2 shortfilms I watched during the launch, they were brilliant! And oh, Alfred the MC for Comic Fiesta ACTED IN ONE OF THE SHORTFILM HAHAHAH !!! - "I am MADLY in love with you.." olololololololololol xD Thanks a lot to Rinnyan for the invitation, and kuanwinnnnn for the transport and company ! D: .. there was a thunder storm that evening so i got so wet, and stayed under the cooooold air con for the rest of the evening x-x.. resulted in fever and a bad headache the next daysss... orz

Secondly, there are the crazes for handphones (thanks to ngaicharm D: ) , netbooks (thanks to hooiling), and not forgetting.. ROOOOO !! (rin punya pasal la lol. but I'm one of the mastermind too 8D ) . I'm still wondering if I should get a new phone or not, maybe I should, but which one should I get.. I'm not really a heavy duty phone music/camera person.. just wanna have a decent phone to use XD and maybe have a decent camera to capture stuffs that I come across. Netbook aaaa... xd;;; I think i'm getting one for the sake of convenience ~~~~~; RO, lol. We've been playing in this server called Intense RO. It's a great server! We had lots and lots of fun playing and trying out new jobs. But recently the lag spikes are starting to get in our way D : Hope it'll be normal soon .. We had lots and lots of people and acquaintance in our NyanNyan guild lol. Rin's friends, Terence's friends, Zymz's friends etc etc... XD


Wongloon, my colleague, friend, senior, mentor, teacher, sensei lol; has been hospitalized because his arm problem is getting worse u___u .. so I had to stand in for him to lecture for his classes because I'm his tutor.. Was a lil stressful cos it's my 1st time handling a 'real' class (apart from the Adobe Premiere tutorial classes), and cos I am replacing him for the meantime, so I really need to be good enough for that.. Hope he can find treatment as soon as possible, and hope his arm can be cured T_T .. ; and so is Yuh Hann, i think he's having some lumps in his body D : get well soon D :

COM - orz. I have not been really doing my part really well u__u i'm really sorry, I kinda losing my motivation... somehow need to find it back.. its already end of January T____T .. sighsigh

Gonna have a DG61 reunion later, hopefully (but i dont think so) everybody would turn up so we can have a good time reminiscing the past hahaahhah


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  1. Hey YongKang! U did a good job for a first timer to handle real class! :)