Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update Feb 2011 ☆~

It's been so long since I've updated this blog.. Sorry for being inactive for so long. *excuses* I'm really busy nowadays and lazy to put up any updates.. hahah *excuses*

So I helped kitty to translate one of JJ-Lin's song into Pinyin lyrics for her to sing.. and then we thought that, hey, actually it's kinda fun to put up a blog for lyrics and translations, and people could come searching for them : D

So I've started a new blog to put these stuffs up.. lol ~ here it is.. http://neko-kashi.blogspot.com/

And I also thought of opening another blog, to do sharings on some olden chinese literature works, like by Confucious and Mencious.. and at the same time doing translations (as much as I can) for them.. so it can be enjoyed by anybody who's interested in learning the importance of the virtues and values. But haha, it's still far from being realized D: I realised I need a chinese dictionary too.. lololol

Well, that's all i guess.. already 3am omg. Going to sleep now.. see ya'll !



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