Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Artwork: Cirno ☆~

I really have no idea what to blog yet.. D : and while thinking how to make my blog looks nicer, I think I'll just post one of my recent works here 1st... Lol.. ^^;;; Click on it to link to my DA page for a bigger reso~

This is Cirno, from the Touhou series~ For more information, click on the links over there <<< ... But for now I'm gonna make a short intro about them.. =) The Touhou series is basically a series shooting games with a lot of characters and different stories in each installment. It is a very popular game among the Japanese~ While Cirno is probably one of the weakest character in the game and always refered as 'baka' or '
⑨' ~

You can also see this epic music video about her here ~

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