Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introduction ☆~

Haro and welcome!~ I was forced to blog so here I am.. lol~

For now, I guess I will be blogging about random stuffs from around me.. as a start ^^;;; I'm not very good in explaining things, let alone blogging o_o;; so please forgive me D : I'll probably be doing a lot of copy-&-pastes, lol.

Why the blog URL? Lol. I really have no idea XD... My friend came up with this weird name, and so I thought it was fun and unique, plus its available!! (I've tried lots of random names but they all are unavailable.. like hikahika, or starstarstarstar, or moe-ism.. lol. ) but who cares XD I'm already here~ :3

I don't know what to say anymore.. feel free to ask Q's... >_<

and lastly, Welcome to Neko Shooting Staaaaarrrr~~ ☆ --------------

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