Saturday, May 2, 2009

Comics On Monday (COM) ☆~

Today was our 1st meet up for our webcomic group, COM aka Comics on Monday !!~ at 1U's McD.. (ran ran ruuu~ )

With kiDChan, Rociel, Kiraneko, Jared, Joshi, Silencer, and friends XD.. Discussed about our working flow, name for group, domain, story ideas, etc.. We plan to have our comics online in September, so ya, ganbarimasu !! 8D

Stil have to improve my story, add more girls and make it harem.. xD cos u see... there are 2 BL artists and 1 yuri story... D; so they ask me to balance it.. hahah xdDD

the gathering was great, feel pumped up for it already =D go go me!


Tomoro is another meet up with Yonhui and friends @klcc.. another group for the artbook for CF ! yosh.. !

May everything go smoothly =) ~


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