Saturday, May 2, 2009

SPLASH Project ☆~

Another meeting today.. it was SPLASH-pro's 1st meet up XD, with YonHui, Ken and Hakim.. along came Francisca and Danny =D

Gathered at KLCC's park (it was hot.. x_x) and discussed about our upcoming Artbook.. including the cover, contents, pages, guest artists etc.. and of course our doujin group name XD.. came up with alooot of names.. like YATTA! (Young And Terribly Talented Artists), Toilet Seat Cover, PIAK (Professional Insane Artists Krew), etc etc.. but in the end we finally settled with SPLASH Project. As we spread our passion by splashing them around ! 8D ~

So.. we need to ask for quotation for printing, find potential guests, and of course.. produce artworks D :


COM + Splash Project... gonna be real busy this year D : ~


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