Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mistakes ☆~

Looks like more and more people found out my blog.. ~_~;;... oh wells.. =) welcome, ppl~

Just wanna share something..

Some wise man said..
"God lets us to notice mistakes, because he wants us to realize our own mistakes and to correct them. But not to pick out others' mistakes to make us look better. Those who tries to make themselves look better by pointing fingers at others, are the real evil ones." (sorry for the lousy translation.. lol )

So ya.. sometimes, if not, most of the times we notice what others do and what not, but we hardly see ourselves. We always know how to point at others when they do something wrong, but do we ever look into the mirror to judge our actions before that?

But of course i think, instead of just pointing and making fun of others' mistakes, we also should advice them in a nice manner about their mistakes~

Less conflicts, more self-reflection, a better world. No? =)

(asdgjhasdjklasd... i still cant type right.. )


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