Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Workspace (updated) ☆~

Lol, just took this photo for fun. Today ACGC came to college to do some promotion, and I've got lots and lots of free online game CDs.. /swt .. and also grabbed a Dragonica folder !!!~ =3 (along with the installation disc) The folder looks so nice *-* ~gonna bring it to class everyday liao.. ahah

So here's my working area.. (from left to right, top pic) - my birthday-present-cup, Nendoroid Miku, Lacus Clyne, Carina, Sakura, Kyon-imouto (on the monitor), then my new pc, Nendo-keychain-Haruhi, ASTROBOY POSTER !!, Tablet, DRAGONICA FOLDER!!, Dragonica cd, Luna Online CD, some papers... xDDD


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